Vehicle Welding

I undertake repairs, maintenance and modifications to large vehicles. The skip lorries in the photos were suffering severe stress cracks and required extensive welding repairs. I was reluctant to start, but the work became a challenge. Three years after I repaired them, they were still in service.

The JCB belongs to a topsoil yard. The main arm had broken away and they couldn’t find a replacement. I thought I could maybe get them out of trouble and spent a day stripping it and piecing it back together. I welded it using ‘gasless MIG’. Initially, I checked its condition every week, but six years later it is still in use every day.

The transit step needed repairing in a hurry, over a weekend, so I had no shop bought repair panels available. I stripped out the corroded areas and rebuilt it using the regular steel sections I had to hand. The repair was strong, the door shut perfectly.

The tipper repair was the result of an excessive load and attempting to tip. The bed rails bent around the hinge pins. I cut out the sections and rebuilt the bed stronger than before.

Vehicle repairs involve their own set of problems and solutions. Often the vehicle has to be off the road for the minimum amount of time, and repairs range from cosmetic to structural. In all cases the repair has to be sound and functional and sometimes an area of chassis or body might needs to be recreated. No two jobs are ever the same and often a challenge.

I have MOT stations that use my services and ask me to weld at their premises on a ramp. If a vehicle requires welding underneath a ramp is best. If you require MOT welding, phone me and we can arrange that you take your car to a friendly garage!