Mig welding
MIG Welding

As with the TIG process it does rely on still conditions so the inert gas can keep the oxygen in the air away from the hot metal, so any breezes must be avoided. It is a quick and reliable method of joining metals, and is used in most metal fabrications, railings, gates, vehicles, motorway bridges, buildings. Most general fabrication is done using a MIG welder.

In the pictures below are examples of items I have fabricated or repaired using a MIG set

ARC Welding uses a consumable rod, but instead of a gas to shield the molten metal from the air it uses a coating on the rod, which melts as the same time as the metal does. This flux coating floats on top of the molten metal, keeping the oxygen in the air away and allows any impurities to float to the surface.

The metal and flux solidifies and the flux can be chipped away afterwards. There are many different types of ARC rod depending on the application. This welding method is ideal for mobile and site applications as it requires no gas and is more tolerant to windy and dirty conditions. For years this was the main method of electric arc welding. ARC welding offers good penetration and the ability to weld quite thick sections. Modern inverter sets are small and very portable, can run off of lower current and are tolerant to generators.

Cast iron and cast steel components are renowned for their brittle nature but can often be welded using a flux coated nickel rod, although cast iron is difficult to repair and can crack when cooling and is often cast from dubious materials.

Using these specialized welding rods and sometimes applying preheat; often a good repair can be made, saving time and money. Not all will weld successfully, but there are also other methods that can reclaim a broken casting, such as TIG brazing or silver soldering. I once repaired a cracked engine block using the old fashioned plumbers leading technique.

Also hardened cutting edged components can have their hard surface reinstated by using a ‘hard facing rod’. But if it’s broken, it is worth a go, if I don’t think it will weld I would say and if I can’t fix it, I’d only charge for the consumables used.


Fishing boat
Aluminium Catamaran
Horse Box modification
Aluminium chairs
Building Maintenance
Aluminium wheels
Diesel fuel tanks
Brewery fermenter alterations
Brewery customised equipment
Dog guards
Production welding
Labour only contracting
Crankcase repairs
Gearbox repairs
Cylinder head repairs
Cracked block repair
Security ground anchors
Outboard motor repairs
Trike fabrication and repair
Harley exhaust port rebuild
Plasma cutting
Galvanised steel
JCB Excavator arm
Wheel arch rebuild
Handrails Trailers
Juliet balconies
Display units
Custom roof racks
Motorhome ladders
Gates, railings and balustrades
On site welding
Machine guards
Security grills
Farm Equipment
Digger Buckets
Container modifications
Security Door Lock boxes
Chassis repairs
Gas cutting
Wrought ironwork